Many of Zurich’s top sites are found in the historic Old Town, including some of Zurich’s most important churches. Steeples from the city’s beautiful places of worship rise above narrow streets and help define the old town’s landscape. Visiting these churches are musts when visiting Switzerland’s largest city.

The Romanesque-style Grossmünster is one of three major churches in the city. According to legend, the church was founded by Charlemagne. Construction of imposing structure began in the 12th century and was completed by the early 13th century. Located next to Lindenhof Hill and across the river from Grossmünster is St. Peterskirche. The church sits on the site of ancient Roman fortifications and a temple to Jupiter. With a diameter or 8.7 metres, the church’s steeple features the largest church clock face in Europe.

Close to St. Pterskirche is the Gothic-style Fraumünster, which once served as an abbey for aristocratic women. Founded in 853, the elegant church features dazzling stained glass windows by Marc Chagall. Installed in 1970, the pieces depict Christian stories from the Old and New Testaments. Part of the Swiss Reformed Church, the site also houses a spectacular fresco by Paul Bodmer and a towering stained glass piece by Augusto Giacometti.

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