Start a business for free? STARTUPS.CH offers you an online incorporation platform where entrepreneurs can calculate a personalized quote for the cost of a business start and, if wanted, can simply begin the process right there. The cost of starting your company can be reduced significantly through help from various renowned partners.


The online platform operated by STARTUPS.CH allows interested entrepreneurs to easily calculate a personalized quote. In order to do this some basic information such as the preferred entity type for the business one wishes to start, the Canton of your offices and sum of the initial investment is sufficient. This enables the entrepreneur to start the business at any time and from anywhere. Through this process, STARTUPS.CH is able to offer a professional, transparent and efficient service.

STARTUPS.CH sets itself apart from its competition through its cooperation with diverse renowned partners in the fields of finance, insurance, telecommunications, accounting software, payment solutions and credit worthiness evaluations. Depending on the selection of one or more partner services, the partner will cover part of the cost of the business start. This process makes it possible for the business to be started at a significantly lower cost than usual.

In four Swiss cities STARTUPS.CH offers free informational seminars for hesitant entrepreneurs or those who just recently started looking into owning a business. If you are interested, you can register for a course in your area directly on the STARTUPS.CH homepage. For those who are already informed, a personal consultation for anyone starting a business is already included in the cost of the foundation.

STARTUPS.CH will competently advise you in regard to any questions or concerns you may have, not just before, but also during and after the start of your business.

Do you want to be your own boss? The first step is to calculate your non-binding personalized quote for a business start here.

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