On STARTUPS.CH entrepreneurs can receive a personalized offer for the incorporation/foundation of their new business by simply submitting a few pieces of information. Should the offer entice them, they have the ability to initiate the foundation process immediately after receiving their quote. Renowned businesses which have partnered with STARTUPS.CH offer to cover part of the costs if certain conditions are met.

Calculating an offer on STARTUPS.CH’s internet platform is easy, simply by submitting what kind of business entity one would like (limited liability company[GmbH], sole proprietorship [Einzelfirma], public limited company [Aktiengesellschaft] or partnership [Kollektivgesellschaft]), the Canton of registration, and the amount of the capital investment, it is possible to get an immediate quote. STARTUPS.CH offers a competent and transparent service. Starting a business can be fast and easy when it is done online and, moreover, clients can profit from attractive partner price reductions.

The partner offers are really what sets STARTUPS.CH apart. When a client chooses one or more of the six partners, those partners will assume some of the costs of the business start. STARTUPS.CH works with well-known and respected businesses in the areas of finance, insurance, telecommunications, non-cash payment solutions, bookkeeping software and credit/solvency assessment. This makes it possible to incorporate/formalize a business at a greatly reduced cost or possibly even for free.

The costs of the service include a personal consultation with a competent consultant. Entrepreneurs that are still somewhat uncertain about their business ideas can take advantage of free information events revolving around the theme entrepreneurship, which are offered in various cities around the country. If you are interested in participating, it is possible to register for a course in your area through STARTUPS.CH.

STARTUPS.CH helps entrepreneurs before, during and after the foundation process. Due to a national network of fiduciary experts and co-partners, STARTUPS.CH can offer entrepreneurs a close point of contact.

Do you want to be your own boss? The first step is to calculate your non-binding personalized quote for a business start here.

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